Nobody likes to receive a reminder of their age. But for some, that’s what they get whenever they look in the mirror.

The anti aging industry should hit $331.41 billion by 2021. But men get the short end of the deal. Despite having their own range of age-related skin problems, women remain the focus of the anti aging industry. So how do men differ? And are there anti aging products for men out there?

Let’s take a look at some anti aging tips for males.

Why Do We Age?

When we talk about anti aging, we’re usually talking about a specific kind of aging: the loss of elasticity in our face’s skin, combined with other symptoms like blemishes and discoloration.

Facial aging is a result of two major factors. These factors are the body’s natural aging (which itself has multiple causes) and accumulated damage in the skin.

But what damages our faces to such an extent? You can look to the sky for your answer.

While we think of the sun as life-giving, it’s fair to say that the sun is something life makes do with. It’s an aggressive ball of radiation, so we’ve evolved to need only a little sunlight – too much is more than biological tissue can handle.

Lifestyle factors have a larger impact on your face’s visible age. That’s why people who have spent a lot of time in the sun or otherwise put their body through the wringer generally look older.

Aging is inevitable, of course. But the importance of lifestyle considerations is a good thing: it means the visible effects of aging skin are somewhat in our control.

How’s It Different for Men?

Many symptoms of aging are the same in men and women: wrinkles, discoloration, and sagging.

But there are some key differences. There’s more elastin and collagen in male skin, meaning that men have (literally) thicker skins. That offsets the skin thinning that occurs with age.

Male body hair also helps to protect against the harmful impact of UV from the sun.

Lifestyle factors also weigh in. Women report more stress about their appearance as they age. They’ll also experience more biological stresses like pregnancy and menopause.

It’s also worth thinking about male psychology. Many men still perceive skincare as an effeminate activity. Anything they do could be taken as a sign of “going soft”, even if they’re addressing concerns that most of us develop. After all, much of the bullying men receive for caring about their appearance comes from other men projecting their insecurities.

What Can Men Do?

Men aren’t hopeless in the world of anti aging, despite the lack of support from anti aging manufacturers. There’s a lot of things men can do to slow their skin’s aging, from changes in routine through to products they can use.

Here are a few tips a man can use.


Our skin is around 64% water. Take that water away, and your skin’s appearance begins to decline.

Dehydrated skin turns flaky, dry, and is more prone to wrinkles. Hydrated skin is able to protect itself. It also looks fuller and fresher.

Hydrating your skin is as simple as drinking more water – something any of us can do.

Dietary Changes

Your diet also has a major impact on your skin, both in the short and long term.

When you eat, you’re taking in the raw building blocks your body uses to rebuild itself. Your skin replenishes itself once every 27 days or so. So your skin is one of the first parts of your body to take a hit from a bad diet.

Over time, poor skin condition can result in premature aging. A skin deficient in vitamins and minerals will also have diminished protection against environmental hazards to your skin.

Processed foods like sugar, dairy, and, grains can contribute to poor skin quality. Increased consumption of oils can help protect it, from sources like fish and nuts.

Wrinkle Cream

Wrinkle creams come in all sorts of shapes, but their overall goal is to reduce the visible signs of aging and protect the skin against further damage.

Men can find just as much benefit in wrinkle cream as women. Most wrinkle creams fortify the skin by providing it with vitamins, acids, and moisturizing components.

These components help skin to look healthier and protect it from the effects of aging. Although they’re not a replacement for other lifestyle changes that can protect skin, they can help maximize the skin’s defense against the elements.

Anti aging cream for men isn’t available as widely, but those that do exist tweak the balance to work better with male skin.

Skin Protection

We’ve already covered the way skin ages due to damage. By reducing damage to skin, you can reduce the visible signs of aging.

Doctors advise wearing sunscreen when you’re outside for prolonged periods. That can protect you from skin cancer, but it’ll also protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays.


Vitamin and mineral supplements can aid the skin by shoring up its defenses. Many modern diets don’t have the full range of nutrients the skin needs, whether it’s a lack of fatty oils or vitamins.

Supplements can make up the difference. If you don’t eat seafood, for instance, you may lack Omega-3 fatty acids. These are commonly available in the form of supplements.

Lifestyle Management

Besides eating and drinking, you can protect your skin with a few other lifestyle changes.

Smoking, for example, accelerates aging by getting in the way of a healthy blood supply and contributing to a lack of sleep. Over time, this can leave you looking older than your age.

Spending a long time in direct sunlight can have similar effects. If you live in a country with a high UV index, then you need to take extra precautions. Stay out of the sun at peak hours, wear sunscreen, and getting an indoor job can all slow the rate your skin ages.

Anti Aging in Men: The Final Say

It’s clear that men have as much to gain from anti aging strategies as women do. Despite that, they’re not as catered for by the industry. Men might need to look a little harder to find the right products for them, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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