Boost Metabolism

How efficiently your body uses energy to maintain essential functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and thinking is known as your base metabolic rate.

Let’s Talk About Ways to Boost Metabolism

When people think of ways to boost metabolism,  some ask how two individuals of similar age, gender, and height have the same diet and activity, but one person gains weight while the other does not?

Here, “metabolism” comes into the picture. How efficiently your body uses energy to maintain essential functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and thinking is known as your base metabolic rate. We usually refer to it as “metabolism.”

Do you have the ability to alter your metabolism? Yes. If you’re born with a rapid, average or slow metabolism, there are steps you can take to increase or reduce it. You can adjust your metabolism to manage your weight.

Metabolism by the Numbers

When you speak of metabolism, you’re speaking about your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), that is, the number of calories you consume while doing nothing more strenuous than sitting down and reading this story. RMR comprises 60 to 75 percent of your total calorie consumption (the remainder is from daily activities as well as digestion) and is different from person to person.

Muscular individuals have a greater metabolic rate than people who are smaller. Men generally use higher levels of energy than women. Also, age and hormones influence this. Certain people are genetically more active,” says Polly de Mille, an exercise physiologist.

On average, it is estimated that the RMR is about 1800 calories in men and 1400 calories in women. If you do not pay much heed to it, your RMR decreases by about two to three percent each decade in adulthood. This may not sound like an awful amount. However, it can add quickly, and you could be burning 200-300 fewer calories each day when you become old.

The positive side lies in the fact that we don’t need to suffer from this slow metabolic breakdown. There is no permanent setting for your RMR. Your lifestyle can have a significant impact on it. You can reduce the slowdown that happens with age. Likewise, you can even push your RMR by about 15%. However, it relies more or less on where you begin your pushing it

    How to Boost Your Metabolism

    Know Your Numbers

    To ensure that you are putting enough energy into it, you need to be aware of how much energy you’re consuming. The only way to gauge BMR is to do it in a laboratory. But the formula below (The Harris Benedict Equation) is close.

    All you need is height and weight.

    Women BMR = 655 + (4.35 x weight, in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x years of age)

    Men BMR = 66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) + (6.8 x age in year)

    For a decent estimate of your daily calories burned, factor in the activity level. Divide the number of calories you burn daily by multiplying your BMR. AS stated, it depends upon the amount of exercise you do.

    1.2 = Sedentary (little to no)

    1.375 = moderately actively (light easy runs for 1-3 days/week)

    1.55 is moderately active (spirited recreational running for 3-5 days a week)

    1.725 = extremely active (racing, running, to training 7 days a week)

    1.9 = very active (physical work, hard running, or racing)

    When you’ve reached your daily calorie burn, consume at least the same amount of calories per day or less if you’re trying to shed weight. This will help ensure that you’re putting in enough fuel in the body to boost the metabolism of your body and ensure it is running and strong.

    The body fat-age-metabolism equation

    As you get older, the metabolism slows. This is one of the reasons people tend to be overweight as they grow older. The extra body fat you accumulate can slow your metabolism further.

    The good news is that your metabolism and weight aren’t beyond your control. You can increase the speed of your metabolism with:

    ● Using up extra calories from food before they are saved as fat in the body.

    ● Losing excess body fat is already there.

    Boost Metabolism
    Boost Metabolism

    How to Boost Metabolism

    If you consume more calories than the body burns, these calories are stored within your cells, forming body fat. Therefore, when people want to lose weight, they tend to eat fewer calories and burn off more of it or combine both for better results.

    You can improve it with the following steps:

    Get more active:

    If you work out, your metabolic rate will speed up. After a couple of hours, the rate remains somewhat higher. Over time, regular exercises build up muscles. Thus, your resting metabolism receives a great push when you have more muscles. Remember that any additional exercise can have a positive impact on your health.

    Make smart choices:

    This is eating less saturated fat and taking in more complex carbohydrates and fiber (carbs). You will find this in fruits, vegetables as well as whole grains. Choose lean meats and dairy products with low fat. Also, drink water instead of drinks that have a lot of sugar. In each meal or snack, have a small amount of fat and protein as well as carbohydrates. Limit alcohol and sugar that are packed with calories but are not nutritionally balanced.

    Plan and track the meals you eat and your snacks:

    ● Decide what you’ll be eating, and stick to a strict timetable. It will help you avoid overeating or making poor selections when feeling hungry.

    ● Track what you consume food. Note down all the food you consume and drink. You should count the calories you’ve consumed during each meal and snack. Utilize this data to determine if the portions you’re eating are appropriate in size. Examine if you’re eating a range of food items. It is possible that making small adjustments can help you to be healthier.

    Have a snack before beginning with your activities:

    If you can, eat some quick snacks or a small meal before going to the gym or for a strenuous walk. It boosts your energy levels and lets you enjoy the walk.

    The rate of your metabolism lies more or less in your hands. You can maintain overall wellness and health by making lifestyle changes. So, boost metabolism to provide your body with more energy.