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Learn about Telomeres and Telomerase

The discovery of the enzyme, Telomerase, has been touted as the biggest medical breakthrough since antibiotics.

Telomeres are the “end part” of our chromosomes. Every time our cells divide, our telomeres get a little shorter, and every time they shorten, our cells age. That’s the central cause of aging.

They shorten throughout our lifetime, and when they reach an average of about 5,000 nucleotides, our cells cannot divide any further (the Hayflick Limit), and we die of old age.

In a cell that expresses telomerase, telomeres are lengthened as soon as they shorten; it’s as though every time the “telomere clock” inside our cells ticks once, telomerase pushes the hands of the clock back one tick.

Dr. Bill Andrews Talks about Telomeres and Telomerase

The face of anti-aging has changed forever. One Truth 818 Serum contains an active ingredient called TAM-818, the strongest of nearly 300,000 compounds tested over 11 years by award-winning Telomere Biologist Dr. Bill Andrews and his team at Sierra Sciences.

Clinical Trials at Abich Laboratories

Our clinical, medically run tests were performed at Abich Laboratories in Italy and carried out on 100 volunteers over a one month period with measurements and results took half way at day 15. This testing is over and above any ‘recommended’ number of volunteers in order to prove, without a doubt, the efficacy of One Truth. One Truth is developed to make your skin younger.

Skin Report

In vivo evaluation of the anti-wrinkle, elasticizing and firming efficacy

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Cytotoxicity Report

Valutazione Della Citotossicita’ Cytotoxicity Evaluation

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Patch Test Report

Assessment Of Dermal Compatibility (irritant potential), Occlusive patch test in a single application (duration 48 h)

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Skin Sensitizer Report

In vitro analysis of the pro-sensitising potential on human dendritic cells

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Tolerability Report

Assessment Of Dermal Tolerability Of A Cosmetic Product

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The discovery of the enzyme, Telomerase, has been touted as the biggest medical breakthrough since antibiotics.

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In a nutshell, telomerase stops your cells from ageing and can reverse ageing. If your skin cells don’t age or indeed get younger they will behave like younger skin. Younger skin produces collagen, elastin and has an abundance of hyaluronic acid. It doesn’t wrinkle with usage, isn’t prone to pigmentation or ‘age spots’ and has a much more even tone than aged skin.

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