Regulator IGF-1 Support

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$49.00 or $39.20 / month

Siorai Regulator signals your body to make its own IGF-1(insulin growth factor one) at the correct and balanced amount. Lower levels of IGF-1 result in poor health, inflammation, sluggish immune system, brain fog, fatigue, and decreased muscle mass. Conversely, adding too much IGF-1 can overload the system. Restoring a balanced IGF-1 is the key to feeling better.

  • Boost Cellular & Energy Production
  • Build Lean Muscle & Increase Strength
  • Boost Recovery & After Workouts
  • Reduce Cellular Inflammation
  • Boost Immune & Brain Health
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10 reviews for Regulator IGF-1 Support

  1. Ben

    Man I’m glad to get rid of that early morning brain fog.

  2. Jamie G.

    This is on my list of favourite supplements.

  3. Lisa

    Get strong with Regulator IGF-1 Support. Add me to the subscription and take my money!

  4. Jon Dorl

    I’ve been taking this before and after workouts and I can feel the boost. It takes a bit to kick in, I suppose its working through my system.

  5. Rick Bodey

    This product gives me so much energy!

  6. Larry T.

    I’m 54 going on 17 again thanks to the REGULATOR IGF-1. Just take my money every month and keep my mailbox full of IGF-1!

  7. O. Charles Smythe

    I train harder with Siorai Regulator than I have for 10 years. This is my secret weapon and nothing like the gimmicky stuff found online.

  8. Michael Hamburger

    This product is a must have and something I use along with the mitochondria support. I find my training to be much better and I can find those last 2 elusive reps that used to escape me. I am sold in this product as part of my training regime.

  9. Casey W

    I feel like a teenager again. This is the best I’ve get in decades. Energetic and healthy never felt better.

  10. Mike Trakas (verified owner)

    Great product! Important to note this is not IGF-1…this is IGF 1 SUPPORT, which give you the building blocks necessary for your body to optimize its own IGF levels! I have been using this before and after the gym. I use this with Siorai’s REGENERATE, to get a much needed boost in the gym! AWESOME PRODUCT.

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