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IGF1 Regulator

IGF1 Regulator


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IGF-1 is a major key to health and wellness.  Your body makes its own IGF-1. Over time IGF-1 production goes down.  Lower levels of IGF-1 result in poor health, inflammation, sluggish immune system, brain fog, fatigue, and decreased muscle mass.  Conversely, adding too much IGF-1 can overload the system and also cause disease.  Restoring a balanced IGF-1 is the key to feeling better.  Siorai Regulator signals your body to make its own IGF-1 at the correct and balanced amount.

1. IFG-1 Has been shown to correlate with greater telomere length

2. Increases glutathione peroxidase (antioxidant preventing cell death)

3. Reviving stagnant collagen synthesis

4. Reducing muscle loss in aging and disease.

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Free Shipping On Orders Over $99.00
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In a nutshell, telomerase stops your cells from ageing and can reverse ageing. If your skin cells don’t age or indeed get younger they will behave like younger skin. Younger skin produces collagen, elastin and has an abundance of hyaluronic acid. It doesn’t wrinkle with usage, isn’t prone to pigmentation or ‘age spots’ and has a much more even tone than aged skin.

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