• Pain Free Movement 

• Reduces Stress On Body 

• Greater Flexibility


Reduce – Anti-Inflammatory

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  1. Reduces inflammation produced from stress. Stress causes hyperactive adrenal glands in the brain and balanced glands are essential for optimal brain function.
  2. Protects DNA from harmful molecular scavengers that disrupt and damage the DNA.
  3. Dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow and allows more oxygen to reach the outer extremities of the body.
  4. Detoxifies airborne pollutants.
  5. Provides an ample supply of healthy fats supplied from vegetable extracts within the super formula. Healthy fats reduce unwanted cravings and leave you feeling more satisfied.
  6. Increased energy.
  7. Increases brain function


  1. In highly stressed states, the brain produces adrenaline and dopamine, as well as other endorphins. These molecules are useful in small bursts. However, in excess, they can result in increased levels of depression and anxiety or even psychosis. A careful balance is required for optimal brain function, mood, and emotional stability. Unused endorphins form a plaque buildup that signals to the inflammatory response system that repair is needed. In a well-balanced system, the output of plaque and input of the immune response are in harmony. The super formula both increases the immune response to eliminate plaque buildup. It can also act as a strong reactive agent that will recycle anxiety-inducing molecules.  

2. Electron deficient molecules such as hydroxyl ions, peroxide ions, and other free radicals exist in a state that is energetically unfavorable. This means that they will try to find electrons wherever possible to return to the lowest energy state. This often results in electrons being taken from undesirable molecules like DNA. A reduction in electrons typically causes a cleavage in the DNA helix, and after many cleavages, the DNA falls apart. DNA is essential for RNA production and, subsequently, protein formation. If the DNA is not fully intact, it can severely impact protein production. Proteins regulate cellular metabolism and life balance. Proteins are also crucial in many biochemical pathways that activate or deactivate bio functionality. The super formula quenches these damaging ions before they can break apart DNA.

3. Plaque and cholesterol can block arteries, but as blood vessels become enlarged, there is a decreased possibility of blockage. Also, as the blood vessel increases, the circulation of the blood rises and moves potentially harmful bacteria to a location where it can be digested. A simple comparison is a stagnant body of water tends to build up more bacteria than a moving body of water. Increases in blood flow allow for a more significant amount of oxygen to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Also, increased oxygen can penetrate the cellular membrane of the mitochondria and can then convert that oxygen into cellular energy. Cellular energy is required for increased muscle capacity.

4. Harmful pollutants contain many free radicals, heavy metals, and even neurotoxins, which are very destructive to bodily functions. The pink formula can quench free radicals, as discussed above. It can also convert neurotoxins into more beneficial amino acids or sugars. It does this conversion by exchange or energy. The pink formula can also help reduce heavy metals by energy electron transfer. Electron transfer of heavy metals allows them to change the oxidation state and become less reactive and or destructive.

5. Healthy fats have significantly fewer hydrogens present in the fat molecules and are more bioavailable for use in cellular metabolism. Saturated fats have too many hydrogens and cannot participate as easily in various biochemical reactions. Fats typically store energy, but unhealthy fats, when called upon by muscles, are difficult to metabolize and access the stored energy. Bioavailable healthy fats are easily consumed and increase insulin resistance. Low insulin resistance means the body can not process the insulin being produced and often signal “hunger” and unhealthy fat “cravings” in order to break down that higher amount of insulin.  

6. Increased energy comes from greater oxygen supply, it also has great ability to convert fat into energy.  Oxygen is essential for cellular metabolism in the mitochondria.

7. As oxygen passes the blood brain barrier it allows for increased brain signaling.  It also reduces brain plaques and buildup that cause foggy brain symptoms.

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