• Helps Balance Your pH 

• Increase Energy & Stamina 

• Assists with Nutrient Absorption


Regenerate – Mitochondrial Support

$129.00 — or subscribe monthly $99.00

  1. Boosts cellular metabolism
  2. Increases energy
  3. Restores pH balance.
  4. Repairs damaged cells
  5. Produces more efficient protein receptors.
  6. Provides proteins with crucial minerals
  7. Antioxidant
  8. Electrolyte
  1. Cellular metabolism is the process that converts cellular reactions into usable Energy. This Energy that is produced is required for proper bio functions. One of those bio function is the ability to build muscle, another function that requires Energy is the movement of those muscles for things like running, jumping, or even thinking.

2. Mito restore increases oxygen to the brain. The increased oxygen helps the brain to signal impulses to the body more efficiently. It also improves the conversion performance of reactive molecular species into energy.

3. pH balance (level of reactive protons) is essential and unique in all parts of the body. The mitochondria require a specific pH to produce energy. If there is an imbalance in pH, it can cause chemical reactions to varying significantly from their normal reactive states. Depending on if the environment is acidic or alkaline will determine the type of new reaction that is undergone. Highly acidic conditions can burn and destroy membranes. Alkalosis, where basic levels are too high, can provoke nausea, vomiting, and muscle twitching because of basic ions ripping apart essential molecules. The ripping apart molecules is a mechanism that is designed to restore the molecule to a proper energy levels as well as fill an electron deficiency.

4. Cells become damaged when pH levels get out of control, they can also be damaged by molecules embedding themselves in the cellular membrane. These newly integrated molecules allow toxins that are typically prohibited from crossing the membrane and disrupting bioprocess. Mito restore can remove the unwanted transmembrane proteins and convert them into molecules that can be consumed in the cellular metabolism process (convert molecules into energy).  

5/6 Proteins inside of cells require things like calcium, iron, and magnesium along with cofactor proteins to be activated and start functioning. Mito restore gathers up trace minerals and brings them into cellular proximity. The minerals can be ingested by the cells and quickly enabled for enhanced protein performance.

7. Oxidants are also labeled as free radicals. They want to consume electrons to be oxidized or given electrons. Antioxidants bind up and trap electron consumers before they can react with DNA and other essential molecules. Mito restore acts as a barrier or bouncer to eliminate oxidizing agents.

8. Electrolytes replenish energy and regulate blood flow and help muscle contract. The heart contraction is how the blood gets pumped to the extremities.

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