Humans have been trying to fight the aging process since we discovered the sun. Thanks to technology though, we no longer use hog lard, emu oil, or carcinogenic tar.

What does your anti-aging skincare routine look like? Maybe you don’t have a routine in place. If you aren’t actively taking care of your skin, you aren’t doing everything you can to fight the aging of your skin.

The best skin care products moisturize your skin and fight the signs of aging. Follow these 7 tips and we’ll have you looking younger and fresher than ever.

1. Create Your CTM Routine

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time for you to create your own cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine. Your skin gets exposed to pollution and free radicals every time you leave the house.


Use a cleanser that is designed for men’s skin. Men have thicker and oilier skin than women. So using a cleanser formulated for men will work to clean without overly drying out the skin. The goal is to sanitize and remove any dead skin cells.

You’ll want to focus your cleansing efforts on the area of your face that are the oiliest and thus become the dirtiest. This is called your “T zone” and includes your forehead, nose, and chin.


You don’t need to use anything fancy for toner. A simple rose water formula will do the trick. Think of toner as your prep for the rest of your skin care.

Your skin is like a dried out sponge by the end of the day. If you put a thick moisturizer on it won’t be accepted and absorbed.

But just like a sponge, if you prep it by getting it a bit wet first, then it will absorb much better.


Keeping your skin moist helps keep it supple and protected. As your skin dries out it becomes more susceptible to cracking, looking dull, and forming wrinkles.

2. Use Sunscreen Every Day

Wear sunscreen every day you go outside. Even if all you are doing is walking across the parking lot to the office.

Those sun rays that give you a glowing tan also are responsible for breaking down the texture, elasticity, and color of your skin. Not all sunscreen is oily and smelly.

Use a lightweight sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 at least 15 minutes before you head out the door. Don’t stop at your face either, apply it to the back of your hands too. Your face and hands are the two places that are a dead giveaway to your aging.

3. Exfoliate

As your body produces new skin cells, the old ones are pushed to the surface. Exfoliating once a week ensures that these dead cells get sloughed off.

If they are left on your skin, you have a buildup of dirt and bacteria. This leads to your pores getting blocked and your overall skin tone looking dull.

4. Address Wrinkles

The skin around your eyes is the most susceptible to wrinkles. This is because it doesn’t have as many oil and sweat glands as the rest of your skin. Without these glands, the skin dries out faster.

As you age though, you become susceptible to wrinkles all over. Using the right products, you can prevent and even reverse wrinkles.

Tam 818 is a telomerase inducer. When you apply it to your skin it works on a cellular level to improve your skin’s firmness and smoothness.

If you stay committed to your routine, you can see noticeable improvement in the reversal of the signs of aging for your skin.

5. Revamp Your Shave

Shaving is stressful for your skin. You’re dragging a sharp blade over your skin. You can help protect your skin by taking these steps.

Start by shaving after you take a warm shower. You don’t want the water too hot, that will dry out your skin. The warm water will soften your facial hair.

Once out of the shower, use a balm to protect your skin. Then always shave with a new, sharp blade. After you are done shaving, moisturize your skin.

6. Limit the Sugar

Indulging every once in a while is ok, but try to limit the amount of sugar you eat on a daily basis. If your diet is high in sugar, then you’re causing the inflammation you see on your skin.

It will be easy to see the sugar in food like doughnuts, cakes, and cookies. But there is hidden sugar in supposedly healthy foods like juice, cereal, yogurt, and protein bars.

7. Sleep at Night

Skimping on those nightly 8 hours of sleep can be contributing to your lackluster complexion. Your body needs 7 to 8 hours each night to repair cells and fix the damage from the previous day.

You can’t make up for a lack of sleep throughout the week by sleeping all day on the weekend. Your body needs consistent nightly sleep for it to work at its peak.

Buy the Best Skin Care Products

Aging is inevitable, but there are steps you can take to slow down the process. Keep your youthful looks longer by creating a daily skincare routine.

Start by making sure you get enough sleep and limit your sugar intake. Then create a daily routine for caring for your skin.

For your routine, only use the best skin care products. Look for ones that are proven to be effective. Anything you use needs to be moisturizing.

Improve your skin today with the world’s best anti-aging serum.


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