Reset – Thyroid Support

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Reset – Thyroid Support

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Iodine acts as an anti-inflammatory, a free radical quencher, antibacterial, can reduce aging effect brought on by lack of hydration, it can remove dead skin cells, is essential for hormones required for metabolism and energy improves liver and kidney function. That is why our product Bioactive Carbon Iodine contains an ample supply of iodine that can be used as a supplement.  Many people are lacking in iodine because there is much less consumption of sea-based nutrients.  Our product provides the right amount of iodine and it is also protected in our proprietary solution to promote entry into the bloodstream where it can circulate and be properly absorbed by the thyroid at the correct time.  Or circulate into the other iodine storage bins of the body. Without this protective barrier, the iodine may prematurely interact with the linings of the intestines and be used for a separate cellular process.


  • Total Iodine                                      12.5mg
  • Iodine                                                 5 mg
  • Iodide (as Potassium Iodide)            7.5 mg
  • V1 BioActive Carbon                             5mg

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