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Quality is a Must

Siorai’s formulations are dependent on quality ingredients in order to garner the desired effects of our bodies natural ability to self regulate. Siorai searches for ingredients that have been processed in a way that has not compromised the molecular structure of each ingredient. This ensures our formulations have the best chance to give you a beneficial outcome.

Telomerase Sciences

The face of anti-aging has changed forever. Siorai Serum contains an active ingredient called TAM-818, the strongest of nearly 300,000 compounds tested over 11 years by award-winning Telomere biologist Dr. Bill Andrews and his team at Sierra Sciences.

Clinical trials at Abich Labs in Italy show that after 30 days One Truth 818 decreased wrinkles by 14.04%, improved skin firmness by 20.33% and elasticity by 8.33%.

Tried. Tested. The Truth is Out!

Dr. Bill Andrews

Leading Molecular Biologists of Telomer and Telomerase Sciences

Active Carbon

Carbon helps with cellular respiration and is also used in the body within the respiratory system. 

  • Works to destroy acid in body fluids, as well as increasing oxygen in the blood
  • It increases the absorption of oxygen in the cells
  • It performs healing functions throughout the body
  • Works to destroy acid in body fluids, as well as increasing oxygen in the blood
  • It has powerful, natural anti-fungal and anti-biotic properties
  • Speeds up recovery rate from injury, stress and strenuous exercise
  • Mitochondria food and health


The presence of molecular oxygen helps tissues to heal


Cellular respiration forms metabolic waste


Metabolic waste is processed and disposed of

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