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Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen


Our Bio-Active Carbon Complexes are food for our cell and in particular our Mitochondria health – the powerhouse energy source of each cell. Made from plant-derived trace minerals and enhanced using Nobel Prize-Winning Nano-Technology methods to increase the effectiveness of each ingredient. Our proprietary Bio-Active Carbon Complexes are unique and multifunctional. They detoxify by binding to toxins, heavy metals, yeasts, parasites (depending on our chosen formula and goal of each product) and remove the unwanted waste from your body. Our Nano-technology has multiplied the amount of stabilized oxygen that can be delivered into each cell and significantly increases molecular oxygen saturation. Your bodies ‘good’ microbes are oxygen loving (aerobic) and your ‘bad’ microbes dislike high oxygen levels (anaerobic). these Anaerobic microbes are responsible for many ailments and diseases. You can change the landscape of microbes within your body simply by increasing your molecular oxygen levels.

Carbon is the basic building block to most cells and cellular activity in the body. Carbon helps with cellular respiration and is also used in the body within the respiratory system.

• Works to destroy acid in body fluids, as well as increasing oxygen in the blood

• It increases the absorption of oxygen in the cells

• It performs healing functions throughout the body

• Works to destroy acid in body fluids, as well as increasing oxygen in the blood

• It has powerful, natural anti-fungal and anti-biotic properties

• Speeds up recovery rate from injury, stress and strenuous exercise

• Mitochondria food and health

What is our relationship with Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen?

As we breathe, we inhale oxygen into the lungs oxygen diffuses through membranes and into red blood cells. The heme group (that consists of an iron) of hemoglobin binds oxygen when it is present, changing hemoglobin’s color from a bluish red to a bright red. Hemoglobin not fully saturated with oxygen appears blue and is called deoxyhemoglobin.

After being carried in the blood to body tissue in need of oxygen, O2 is handed-off to an enzyme (mono-oxygenase) that also has an active site with an atom of iron. The enzyme uses oxygen to catalyze many oxidation reactions in the body (metabolism). Carbon dioxide is now a waste product and released from the cell and into the blood, where it combines with bicarbonate and hemoglobin for transport to the lungs. Blood circulates back to the lungs and the process repeats. Now we have another example of Bioactive Carbons and Spent Carbons that continues this cycle repeatedly sustaining life.

Cellular respiration usually requires the presence of oxygen and is, therefore, often known as aerobic (or “using oxygen”) respiration. Another form of respiration is possible where our body does not make use of oxygen. That form of respiration is known as anaerobic (or “without oxygen”) respiration. The anaerobic, oxygen-hating microbes can be simplified into being called the ‘bad microbes’. There are 2 ways for these anaerobic microbes to flourish, one is when a chemical process deviates away from the ‘normal’ respiratory system, the other is when cells are unable to obtain enough oxygen. For example, when we are exercising vigorously we may not be able to inhale oxygen fast enough to meet the oxygen demands of our cells. Now, glucose is being used up faster than oxygen is supplied to our cells. In that case, cells switch over to anaerobic respiration. They convert glucose to pyruvate and then to lactic acid. As lactic acid begins to build up in cells, it causes an irritation similar to placing acetic acid in an open wound.


As we age our ability to absorb oxygen declines. This leads to a decrease in our molecular oxygen saturation levels which are vital to good health and disease prevention. Coupled with (often) an accumulation of toxins which also decrease oxygen levels and increase anaerobic microbes – our low oxygen levels are causing ill-health.

Most cells in the body are able to switch from aerobic to anaerobic respiration when necessary. But they are generally not able to continue producing energy by this process for very long. Bio-Active Carbon Complexes can help with our oxygen saturation and helping this demand for oxygen.

The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and a high user of Oxygen. A higher oxygen content enables the body’s cells and processes to perform at a higher rate. This means that the bodies capabilities increase when more oxygen is available. The molecular oxygen in our BioActive Carbon Complexes is used as an electron acceptor in mitochondria to generate chemical energy.

In our body, energy is needed to digest food, circulate blood, deliver nutrients, eliminate toxins, perform organ functions, exercise, think thoughts and conduct all other activities. Oxygen cleans and detoxifies the blood and tissues, it burns off the cellular waste. It is essential in combating invading organisms and viruses. Molecular oxygen soothes inflammation and pain.

The presence of molecular oxygen helps tissues heal. It also helps us deal with life’s stresses. Without ample oxygen, tissues accumulate toxins through cellular respiration forming metabolic waste. There could also be a chronic low-grade infection by viruses, bacteria, candida yeast or other larger parasites. Any of these also can give off toxins consuming oxygen and thus exacerbating ill health.

The purpose of carrying oxygen by the red blood cells from the lungs to the deeper parts of the body is to burn up, or oxidize, these waste materials and toxins which would otherwise poison our cells. When they are burnt, or oxidized, they become almost harmless.


The level of molecular oxygen in your cells can make the difference between health and illness. Insufficient oxygen is the cause

of everything from headaches to heart disease, from allergies to cancer, from tiredness to death. Of

these three essential factors that must be taken into the body to support its life and energy, namely carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, oxygen is the most crucial. You can live for several weeks without the intake of food, for several days without taking in water, but only several minutes without oxygen intake.

Pain and most degenerative diseases are caused by or worsened by a lack of oxygen and high toxicity in tissues.

Every cell needs oxygen to burn its fuel for energy and to purify. By now, it should be clear how important oxygen is to the life and health of the body. Supplemental oxygen

is beneficial and basic to the needs of restoring and maintaining good health.

Mental performance in the human body can be improved by assisting the brain with extra oxygen or glucose, according to research published today that could have implications for the treatment of dementia. Brain cells are extremely sensitive to oxygen deprivation and

can begin to die within five minutes after oxygen supply has been cut off.

Decrease of oxygen supply to the brain even though there is adequate blood flow can create conditions like tiredness, depression, irritability, poor judgment, and health problems. Of course, increasing the

oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system will reverse these conditions.

Keeping this oxygen regimen improves alertness, reflexes, memory and apparently, intelligence, and may offer the elderly a new weapon against senility and related disorders.

Our Bio-Active Carbon Complexes detoxify the cell while delivering high doses of stabilized Oxygen.

While the molecular oxygen in our Bio-Active Carbon Complexes support life, and “oxidize” or “burn” food to create energy and heat for our bodies, certain types of altered oxygen molecules called “Free Radicals” which are ever-present in our bodies, will damage our own cells and even our DNA, causing degeneration and diseases such as cancer.

Our complexes do not promote free radicals.


Although our soils are lacking the essential nutrients and trace elements that our ancestors benefitted from there is still one place that our Earth provides all these and more for us and it is hidden within the Earth’s Humic substances. The humification process is part of the ultimate breakdown and recycling of most once-living plant matter. Fulvic Acid is the final stage of decomposition and resists further breakdown. It contains most of the phytochemical protective (anti-aging / antioxidant) nutrients and substances from the original living Organic plant matter. Thus, Fulvic Acid has been highly concentrated, refined, transformed, and enhanced over hundreds of years by the actions of innumerable microscopic organisms.

Fulvic Acid is highly refined and naturally chelated (i.e. ultra-tiny size and ultra-low molecular weight) by nature itself, it consists of 100% organically complexed nano-sized negatively charged ionic molecules which can easily penetrate human tissues and cells. For this reason, it is highly bio-active on the cellular level providing innumerable biochemical and metabolic detoxification functions.

It contains over 70 naturally occurring plant-derived trace element minerals and amino acids in an unaltered ionic solution. Thus, it is unquestionably the rarest and valuable of all humic substances known to man. The short term health benefits as well as the long term clinical results (as seen with numerous medical applications of Fulvic Acid) are scientifically phenomenal and even medically outstanding.

Our company produces the highest quality Fulvic and Humic acid products in the world. Aglet Labs Fulvic acid products contain 70 + natural minerals.

We extract our fulvic acids using a proprietary method that adds only purified water, no toxic acids, heat, or high pressure is used in our extraction process. The result is colloidal minerals that are much easier for the body to digest and no destruction to the complex organic molecule.

• NO preservatives

• NO sweeteners or flavorings

• NO toxic acids, heat, or high pressure used in our extraction process.

• Water extraction method.

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