Siorai, an irish word meaning “eternal” or “everlasting”. The concept behind our company and our products was born out of a strong desire to promote whole body, long lasting health for ourselves and our families. After years of farming and cultivating, we saw the true relationship between the biological makeup of plant based nutrients and the positive effects that those natural ingredients offered to help our bodies heal themselves. This was our “fountain of youth” and Siorai was born.

The reality is that our abused, chemically-laden, overly farmed agricultural soils are sorely deficient in organic matter and beneficial nutrients. This produces deficient food crops, which in turn creates deficient, sickly, and often overweight bodies. Because these nutrients are so depleted from the soil of most of the farms of today, we needed to find a natural way to add them to our foods and dietary supplements.

Our products are formulated using nature’s best ingredients to allow the body to perform at its natural best. We focus on the stringent testing of plant based nutrients to identify the best ways to combat the common ailments we all face today. Inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, the slowing of our bodies ability to heal as we age. Our products focus on allowing the cells in our bodies to repair and optimize themselves, providing true long term health over temporary relief and fixes. From humble farming beginnings to ultra high-tech toxicology testing, Siorai’s team is relentless in the evolution of the high quality products it brings to market worldwide.

When entering the Nutraceutical industry, we noticed an alarming underbelly of dishonesty in the quality of products developed by many of the industry leaders. In the development of our products and to meet the efficiency which we desired for our friends, families, and children, we knew that our products were going to have to be next level in quality and that we would not settle for substandard ingredients. Furthermore, the formulation of these ingredients requires a specific blending process calculated to the parts per billion VS. Parts per million in order to have the desired effects, safety, and performance.

We have adopted the concept of Ubuntu. From what we understand, it is a term from a tribe in Africa meaning “I am because we are,” so we do our best to have fun while building our business. We see each other as family, and we try to carry this mindset to the teams of people responsible for helping us and our customers alike.